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Case Studies

Fortis Fertility Centre

Fortis Fertility Centre is one of the pioneers in infertility assessment, surgical sperm retrieval and frozen embryo replacement cycles and is headed by Dr Manish Singh, who has been at the helm of reproductive medicine and surgery for nearly two decades. Staffed with a team of an embryologist, Andrologist and other para-medical staffs, the clinic has a patient-centric approach. The Bangalore-based clinic has just turned one and celebrated its first anniversary.

The Plan

The healthcare project was built up from ground zero. At the outset, there was zero user engagement, no traffic and as a result no attention, socially and commercially. Team GrowFast®'s Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy, built social media outreach, developing an online community that forged better relations with patients, brought them closer, thereby increasing positive sentiments and social shares about Fortis Fertility Centre.

The target market for Fortis Fertility Centre is Bangalore and Mumbai and the team tapped into medical blogs, health organization, medical blogs and Google and Yahoo groups to come up with actionable solutions.

On the Search Engine Optimization front, currently ongoing, the team identified 25 keywords to climb up the Google Page rankings. Some of the high-converting keywords used are IVF Bangalore, in vitro fertilization Bangalore, infertility in women, infertility in men and Dr Manisha Singh Gynaecologist that resulted in driving traffic and leading to conversions.


The Impact through SEO

Out of 25 keywords used, 23 keywords rank on Page 1 in Google. On an average, 16 keywords get top five 5 ranks in Google

  • 12 keywords have landed on Page 1 of Google in January 2013, resulting in higher search volumes for Fortis Fertility Clinic
  • 10 keywords made it to the Page 1 of Google in February, leading to a higher user engagement and ROI.
  • The total Page Views stand at 3617 and counting
  • The bounce rate, visitor traffic has shot up to 43.87%
  • In a year's time, organic visits climbed from 108 to 850 in February. November recorded the highest site visits of 1099
  • Back links on Google rose from 30 from March 2012 to 1325 in February 2013
  • One of the most vigorous activities has been submitting to wiki links, resulting in additional traffoc on Fortis Fertility Centre
  • Team GrowFast® also increased branding and exposure through local classified ads on popular portals in Mumbai and Bangalore
  • The social bookmarking submission to 224 websites, leading to higher social mentions
The Impact through Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Since Fortis Fertility Centre was newly launched, the first step in our SMO plan was to spread the word about a new fertility clinic in Bangalore. The first task was to create an online community to engage people about the facilities, services offered at Fortis Fertility Centre and build a trusting relationship with users. GrowFast®'s SEO experts pushed all barriers and maximized all the social media plarforms to ehance brand visibility over a short period of time. The channels to build an online community were Facebok, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, blogging, social bookmarking, forums and press releases to increase web presence about the latest healthcare institute in the city.

GrowFast® SMO plan

Through GrowFast® SMO plan, in six months Fortis Fertility Centre gained 117 friends on Facebook, made 44 connections on LinkedIn, shared 20 images and got 39 followers on Twitter. Fortis Fertility Centre received 12 fan likes and15 group requests on Facebok. The activity on LinkedIn was more frenetic, 10 people joined Fortis while in the blogospehere, Fortis received 10 comments, on the four blogs uploaded. In six months, it became the talking point on the web.

SMO achievements at a glance
  • Increased web presence
  • increased traffic to website
  • Higher viewer engagement
  • Increased brand visibility
  • Attained organic page ranks
  • Brought Fortis closer to the target group

Currently, Team GrowFast® continues to perfect the art of branding with its ongoing SEO stragety for Fortist Fertility Centre.


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